Step 1

1. Login as a Non crypto user How to Login as a Non- crypto User

2. After Logging in Click on the [Create] in the Side Menu bar and Click on the [NFT]

Step 2

3. The NFT will be created automatically in the default Network chain collection which is selected in the upper right corner

Step 3

4. Fill in the details given in the Upload NFT and click on the Mint Now button

1. Upload Artwork: Upload the Art work by clicking the Image icon

2. Name: Enter the Desired name for the artwork

3. Collection: The collection of network selected in the upper right corner

4. Description: Describe your art work here

5. Network: The network selected in the upper right corner

6. Base Price: Select the base price from the options

7. NFT Types: Select the NFT category (Art, Photo, GIF, Movie, Audio)

8. Royalty: A portion of the sales price is returned according to the royalty you set

9. Sale type: You can put your artwork on Sale by two options (Fixed Price and Time Auction)

Finally, click the [Mint Now] button to complete the generation of the NFT and begin selling.

Step 4

5. After uploading Successfully you can view the created NFT in the [Created] tab

6. The NFT minted by the Creator will be listed on the market place of

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