Step 1

Goto Login as a non crypto user by clicking the wallet icon in the Top left corner

Step 2

Login as a Crypto user

Step 3

After connecting the wallet the Xanalia icon will be displayed on the top left corner . Click on the icon.

Step 4

Upon clicking the XANLIA icon you will get below popup . Select Profile option from the pop up .

Step 5

Enter the items in the profile section 

1. Username: Enter username

2. Website: Enter your website URL

3. Discord: Enter your discord URL

4. Twitter: Enter your Twitter user name

5. YouTube: Enter your YouTube channel / video URL

6. Instagram: Enter a valid Instagram username

7. Email Address: Enter your email address

8. 2FA Setting (Google Authenticator): You can make your account security stronger with Email Address.

9. Bio: You can introduce yourself with some descriptions.

After entering the details click on the [ Save changes ] button . The profile will be updated successfully.

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